End World Hunger

We need no world hunger anymore. Nowadays hunger in the world is experienced by millions. Still, there are some ideas that have been brought up by scientists and researches to experience no world hunger anymore. An idea is food security, this is something that we could achieve by giving access to everyone to enough food. Healthy, affordable and safe food which meets specific dietary manners and culturally acceptable food that could be obtained in a dignified manner, that is produced in ways that are socially just.

Is no world hunger a plan or a dream? There is a need for humans to be able to obtain food at a very low cost, making a plan to produce and or/distribute food. Starvation should not be a cause of death. There are basic supplies (fruits, meat, eggs, etc.) that should exist everywhere, for every country. Poverty, makes it sound like a dream, poverty is one of the main causes for hunger. Inefficient use of agriculture or inefficiency when producing and/or distributing food is also unhelpful. Natural cause like war (destruction of nature), over-fishing, drought, poor crop yields and more are negative for Earth.

World hunger is related to a world level of malnutrition. One can suffer from protein-energy mal nutrition and or from micronutrient (vitamins and minerals) deficiency. Both of the are of extreme importance in our human body. Children suffer the most of poor nutrition what makes them more likely to get diseases like: measles, diarrhea, malaria and pneumonia. These disease will reduce the few nutrients that they have in their bodies so this mean that some of them could even die.

Some people believe that hunger is something that is meant to happen in some parts of the world, nonetheless, the world produces enough food to feed everyone in it, the problem is that people suffering from hunger do not have plenty of land to grow or they lack of economic resources to do so.

There is food security when we count with enough food for everyone, nutritious food that can help people having a healthy life. If all the members of a family could have access to the food then you would say that there is food security, it does not mean that you should overeat, you should take care of yourself and remain healthy. Scientists and researchers are probably still thinking of a plan that could fully help the world to achieve food security.

Not wasting food is something of great value, however, starvation is not a way to live, it can be a way to die, people should receive all the help they can get for the reason that in no world it should be acceptable.

Children of Uganda, The Hunger Project, The Water Project, Heifer International are nonprofit organizations that believe that there is a solution and that already are helping people that are suffering from hunger.

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